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CLERAL is an onboard scale for trucks manufacturer since 1995. CLERAL’s head office is located at 90 rue des Distributeurs in Val-d’Or, Quebec, Canada.

Since the beginning, our objective was to design and offer systems of very precise and accessible onboard weighing systems that were easily and quickly installed. Today, and since the beginning, our dynamic team is proud of being able to offer a range of onboard weighing systems that meets the industry’s requirements.

The other objective was to make durable products for aggressive environments. Here in Northern Canada, the environments offer us the best laboratory to test our products. In addition to testing our products in operations being able to reach temperatures of - 40°C (F); our systems are in operation in the logging and mining sector. These branches of industry are known to be as some of the most severe operational conditions imaginable. Imagine now, onboard scales that work in these cold temperatures on trucks transporting more than 100 tons!

CLERAL’s unique approach has redefined onboard weighing technology because you asked for it. You Talk and we Listen.

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