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Sentinel is wireless

Sentinel is the Gold Standard when it comes to wireless onboard axle weight monitoring systems for trucks and trailers. The monitor, which can be held in the palm of your hand, displays all your weights simultaneously and in real time. In a blink of an eye, the pictogram facilitates the locating of the load weight and its distribution. Weights are displayed in net or gross weights and converted to the selected unit (kg, lbs or ton). Pictograms of popular trucks and trailers are available in the monitor’s memory. Imagine the calibration process with pictograms; it’s as easy as ABC. Sentinel is the tool of excellence for remote work with a margin of error +/- to 0.01. It allows an 8 channel axle group display. Sentinel is very useful if your truck has a multiple configuration of several semi-trailers and train.

This portable weight monitoring device displays your weights in real time in a 258 metres radius (845ft) around the truck. Imagine the freedom of action. It is very useful for applications where loading control is done outside the truck’s cab. The display’s small dimension allows you to carry it in your pocket. You also have a protection case.

Sentinel is designed for all spring ride and air ride vehicle suspensions. Its installation is simplified because there are no cables to install in the cab, so installation time is therefore reduced. Installed modules on vehicles are powered by the vehicle, therefore no battery to change on a regular basis which reduces costs and allows for quick display.

For vehicle fleets, the Sentinel axle weight monitoring system is the number 1 choice. The recognition of other units allows coupling the new trailer without typing the address manually. This adaptability allows you to interchange an unlimited number of trailers quickly and easily.

It is possible to print load data on a wireless printer. The printer order can be given inside as well as outside of the truck’s cab. It is also possible to transmit data over the RS232 wireless port to an onboard computer.

It is possible to transform your Sentinel to a Loader scale. On top of your Sentinel displaying your weights in your hands, a colleague or the person inside the loader can also have the load weights on his own monitor. The advantage of the twin monitor allows the operator loading the truck to maximize the loading and to distribute it evenly. It’s better than a scale on a conventional loader which cannot know the distribution of the load on the vehicle as well as slowing the operations down. The Sentinel weight monitoring system becomes an ultra-efficient loader scale at a lesser price.


  • Very competitive prices
  • Margin of error inferior to 0.01
  • Can be installed on all suspensions
  • Does not modify the vehicle
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy to use or to calibrate
  • Simultaneous display of weights per channel and total
  • Monitor of small dimension (cm X cm X cm)
  • Measuring unit (Kilogram, pounds and ton)
  • Displays up to 8 channels
  • Virtual channel for drive or tag axel
  • Gross or net display of load weight

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